What is Vasthu Sasthram ?

The Sanskrit word vasthu means a dwelling or house with a corresponding plot of land. The vrddhi, vāstu, takes the meaning of "the site or foundation of a house, site, ground, building or dwelling-place, habitation, homestead, house". The underlying root is vas "to dwell, live, stay, abide".

Vasthu For Builders

Vasthu based design for timely completion of the projects with Vastu application & quicker sale. Vasthu is used in building construction for both Residential such as Drawing Room, Kitchen, Bed Room etc., and Commercial such as Institutions, Industries, Shops, Offices etc.,

Mission & Values (4c's)

To be a respected vasthu consultant and service provider and maintaining strong customer relationship. To have a strong customer bond. Communication. Cost Effective. Commitment towards work. Quick response time. Valuable service

Vasthu Building Plans

Building plans in blue print and Vasthu drawings on technical aspects like 3D representation and other graphical representations ...


Vasthu Planner

We are a planner for providing vasthu plans for various types of buildings, industries ,shopping complexes,etc.

Vasthu Consultant

We are undertaking vasthu consultation with the base of Indian vasthu principles by adding energy vasthu for all types of buildings inclusive of residence ,shops, complexes, work stations ,Industries, etc. Mainly we are giving very good suggestions for selection of plots for residence ,shops, complexes ,industries and other buildings based on the energy level(cosmic energy) presently available in the plot or land and whether the available energy will match with the owner who is going to buy the plot or land. existing building/business place.

The reason for checking and matching the energy level is because the empty land or plot may have different level of energy since during the vacant period some of the peoples may dump the unwanted waste or some of the negative things. This results the energy drop in the plot or land. Without checking the energy level if the plot is purchased even if the plot is as per vasthu the owner may not get developments in that place Our best advice is before purchasing the plot or land or existing building/business place check the vasthu compliance along with the energy level presently available. Because the available energy should match with the purchaser for healthy, wealthy and peaceful life.

Vasthu Remedy Consultant

We are providing remedies for the vasthu defects since 2000 using various types of programmed and energized pyramids & crystals without demolishing the existing buildings as much as possible and have got success. Use the pyramids and crystals and save your vasthu affected buildings from demolition and protect you & your family from negative energies.

Energy Vasthu Consultant

We are conducting energy vasthu survey using lecher antenna for checking the present energy levels in the plots, buildings, industries ,business places ,between relationship problems , marriage delay problems etc and finding the reason for the energy drops and providing the remedies using pyramids & programmed and energized crystals since 2000. Apply energy vasthu and utilize the pyramids and crystals power and be with success full business ,health ,wealth and good related personal.

Pyramid Vasthu Consultant

The pyramid vasthu is very useful for rectifying the vasthu defects in the existing buildings and other structures without demolishing as much as possible. Particularly in apartments, rental houses, buildings and wherever the alterations are not possible. We are using pyramids for vasthu pooja at the time of new constructions which are commencing to activate the energy in NE corner so the building will get the full of energy for the entire life period.

Also we are using the pyramids in basement of the building before providing PCC flooring concrete along with copper wire in each rooms (excluding toilets) so the building and the personals living in the building and owner of the building will get protection from all form of negative forces from outside with or without knowingly. Pyramid vasthu also very useful for health, wealth, and business problems and children education. Particularly the pyramid cash box is a very successful product for improving the wealth & business energy. Use pyramid vasthu at least one time and Be the wealthy, healthy, happy& successful business personal.

Crystal Vasthu Remedy Consultant

We are using crystals for vasthu and energy defects as a remedy without any additions and alterations as much as possible and also we use crystals for relationship problem ,health problem , business development and to curtile the negative energies in the homes and business place and also wherever required including personal problems. The programmed crystals may also be useful for protecting the running business, relationship problems, etc from all form of harm and danger of psychic problems. In some time the programmed crystals are very useful for protection from black magic problems.

For any further clarifications please feel free to call us. Waiting to offer our service for all your requirements & needs at all times.